about MG Exports (MG Enterprises)


What started as a export and manufacturing unit for Scooter Parts in 1999, MG Exports (MG Enterprises), is now a group accommodating various ventures under its shadow. Our ventures include areas like Automobile Spare Parts and Accessories - Scooter Parts, Tractor Parts, Motorcycle Parts, 3 Wheeler Parts, Car Parts etc. For Hand Tools - Screwdrivers, Pliers, Hammers, Pincers, Bench Vise, Chicel, Hacksaw, Nipper, Cutter, Shear, Wrech Spanner etc. |n Garden Tools - Shear, Secateur, Pruning Saw, Hand Hoe, Looper etc. In Lubrication Tools - Oil Cans, Grease Guns, Bucket Grease Pumps, Rotary Barrel Pumps, Caulking Guns etc. In Hardware & Fasteners - Linch Pins, R-Clip, Washers, Nut Bolts etc. In Tractor Parts - Linkage Parts, Semi Trailer Parts, Combine Harvester Parts, Scaffolding Parts etc. With each year, we strive to be even better than what we have been before, by improving our services, area of work, products and undergoing constant developments. Being a 100% Export Oriented Unit, we have learned a lot over our work years and now have the complete understanding of the needs and demands of the overseas clients. At present, we, as a whole, export to more than 20 countries which includes USA, UK, Australia, Germany, etc.

Ever since our inception, our sole aim has been serving clients with a range that adhere to international standards. Following this, we have invested luxuriantly to equipped ourselves with all requisite resources and facilities. Our facilities of manufacturing and warehousing are spread over a vast plot area and encompasses a line of svelte machinery, modern facilities, and huge stocks to help our seasoned professionals carry out their activities in a streamlined manner.

The 'MGE Group' focuses on 4 pillars:

  • Focus our approach
  • Improve defined market positions
  • Improve profitability continuously
  • Use our group strengths

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  • To be committed to listening to the needs of our customer, associates and business partsners and honouring their individual value
  • To be committed to an entrepreneurial spirit that fuels the growth of our company and increases the value of the same


  • Customer Orientation and Mutual Trust
  • Quality and Innovation
  • Continuous Development and Improvement of Technology & Work Methods.


  • Our vision is to ensure maximum productive utilization of our resources and deliver high quality services and solutions globally for setting the standards of excellence.